Rachel has a variety of programs to ensure there's one that suits your needs. Browse the options below and contact Rachel to arrange a FREE consultation for all your questions to be answered.


"The Quick Fix"

These sessions are for people wanting to dip their toe in the sea of coaching and hypnotherapy. Goals might include relaxation, shifting limiting beliefs and general goal attainment.

$120/session for up to 5 sessions


“The apple never falls far” for Parents

This program is for close couples who are seeking guidance to develop a parenting style that will enable them to achieve their goals and communicate with their children more effectively. It includes:

-       9 x 1 hour sessions over about 6 months (value $1080)

-       Comprehensive 60+ page parenting workbook (value $47)

-       USB with 4 hypnotic meditations (value $68)



“NEARLY WEDS” For engaged Couples

This program is for couples about to be wed. It teaches you how to use the best communication possible, how to resolve conflicts with ease and understand each other deeply and intimately. You will learn about behavioural habits, love languages and core needs. It includes:

-       3 x 1 hour sessions, (value $360)

-       Comprehensive 40+ page couples workbook (value $47)


“Together Forever” For Couples

This program is for couples who have a strong need to improve their relationship by understanding each others needs and developing more effective ways of communication. This program may cater for partners but also friends wanting to heal a hurt relationship or the healing of an adult child/parent relationship. It includes:

-       10 x 1 hour sessions, including individual sessions for each party over about 6 months (value $1200)

-       Comprehensive 55+ page couples workbook (value $47)

-       USB with 4 hypnotic meditations (value $68)



“Blood is thicker than water” for Families

 Are you feeling like you’ve lost track? Is your family disconnected? Do you have trouble understanding each other and being understood? Are you failing to reach your goals as a family? Then this is the course for you. It includes:

-       11 x 1 hour sessions, including individual sessions for each parent plus a session that includes the kids (if they’re 8 years or older) over about 6 months (value $1320)

-       Comprehensive 60 page family workbook (value $47)

-       USB with 5 hypnotic meditations (value $84)



“Love Thyself” Individual

Initial consult + 6 sessions + 2 hypnotic meditations on USB.        $650 (value $754)

6 months coaching, unlimited + 6 hypnotic meditations on USB. $2800 (value $3222)         

 These sessions are ideal for people wanting to develop their relationship with self and will be designed around the individual’s needs in order to increase their self esteem and understanding of self, enhance their ability to communicate and connect with others and to design goals and strategies for their dream life. Includes a USB stick with personally designed hypnotic meditations.


For additional sessions to any of the programs         $100                              

Phone / Skype coaching incurs a 10% discount on all sessions

An upfront payment of at least 50% is required, with the balance due half way through the program.

Each program follows a guideline for topics covered in each session. Rachel may choose to alter the program to adapt to your individual needs.

The programs may be worked through at a pace that suits you, but it is recommended that they be completed within a period of six months.

Hypnosis, EFT and NLP interventions are tools that will be used in the sessions if and when required.

As the sessions develop, it may be found that an upgrade to the family program is required. This is possible by paying the difference, at no extra charge.

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