FOR you…

Are you tired of dealing with the same issues all the time? Is stress overwhelming you? Do you try over and over to change long standing habits with no success? Do you struggle to feel good about yourself? Are you yearning for more from life but don’t know where to start looking?

Through these programs you will learn:

  • What your core needs are, and how to full fill them

  • What triggers your negative behaviour and how to create positive behavioural triggers

  • How to reduce stress in your life and create an effective practise of relaxation

  • What your life’s purpose is and how to go about achieving it

  • How to develop a positive, loving, respectful, understanding and compassionate relationship with yourself

  • How to let go of past emotional issues that are holding you back from being the person you want to be

  • How to identify when your ego is standing in your way and how to put it in its place

  • How your diet is affecting your emotions

  • About Behavioural Orientation

  • About Love Languages

  • About Tony’s Robbin’s Core Needs

  • To learn more and find out which program is right for you, contact me now to Book your Free, 1 hour, no obligation consultation.

I will use this consultation to design an individual program tailored to your specific needs, in order to increase your self-esteem and understanding of self, reduce stress, enhance your ability to communicate and connect with others and to design goals and strategies for your dream life. 

6 sessions (value $720) + 2 hypnotic meditations on USB (value $34).          $650 (value $754)

6 months coaching, unlimited (value $3120) + 6 hypnotic USB meditations (value $102). $2800 (value $3222)

To learn more and find out if this is the program for you, contact me now to Book your Free, 1 hour, no obligation consultation.