For Schools…

Bullying is affecting more kids than ever, at younger ages and with more serious consequences.

The underlying cause of bullying behaviour is stress, whether it’s caused by feeling isolated, not good enough, unloved or unheard. We need to provide support for these bullies because obviously they’re suffering, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. And this isn’t just a school issue, it’s a community issue. It’s time to get the parents on board but they just don’t know what to do.

A recent study by the University of Sydney found that 97% of our brain function is unconscious and only 3% is conscious. The conscious part includes creative thought, self-awareness and the ability to project ideas into the future. Consciousness can change and adapt. The 97% isn’t quite as flexible. It’s more like a computer program. And if you’re trying to make a change, using willpower to make the required changes is like shouting at the computer screen and telling it to open a new window. To make the changes, you have to enter the program.

I feel that everything we’re doing to address the current crisis in our schools is a bit like talking to the computer to get it to do something for you. 

Trying to change behaviour consciously (by telling kids what’s right or wrong or what to feel or not feel) is for the most part ineffective and short term.  In my presentations to schools, I teach parents how to use some straightforward techniques to identify potential bullies within their families and how to identify those susceptible to bullying and then what to do about it. 

My Workshops teach parents how to:

1.     Satisfy their children’s needs. Everyone feels stressed when their needs are not met. It’s the body’s way of seeking those needs. There are 6 core human needs, as identified by Tony Robbins and in The Workshop we define them and discover how to meet them.

2.     Make their children feel understood. When people don’t feel understood they feel alone, unworthy and unloved. By exploring different behaviour profiles in The Workshop, parents will deepen their understanding of their children.

3.     Model good stress responses. In The Workshop I teach parents how to implement effective stress management techniques for themselves that will inevitably filter through to the kids.

4.     Love them their way. In 1995 Gary Chapman wrote a ground-breaking book called “The 5 Love Languages”, depicting the different ways in which people need to be loved. In The Workshops we explore these modes of love and ways we can express our love differently, because feeling unloved, even when it’s misguided is extremely stressful for anyone.

5.     Release the hormone oxytocin in your kids through words and action, as oxytocin is responsible for reducing stress and anxiety. 

Through these workshops parents will not only learn how to support their kids more when it comes to bullying but will learn other invaluable skills to make them feel more connected to their kids, thus supporting them in all areas of their life.

The Workshop will enable parents to support their children through the following aspects of the Personal and Social Capability section of the Australian Education Curriculum: Self-awareness, Social Awareness and Social Management. 

Our kids are in crisis. And parents are ready to do something about it. 

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