for parents…

Are you wondering why your kids don’t listen to you? Or why they don’t talk to you? Do you feel disconnected from them? Are they a mystery to you that you want to understand? And why don’t they do as you ask? 

Parenting these days, what a tough gig! With the increase in expectations and a decrease in time, stress levels are understandably through the roof. It takes a village to raise a child but with our communities waning, where do we find the support we need?

I have created this 9-session program to back you up through this challenging and most important job.

Through this program you will learn:

  • What your kid’s core needs are, and how to satisfy them

  • What triggers negative behaviour in your kids and how to create positive behavioural triggers

  • How to re-connect with your kids so they trust you and talk to you again

  • How to show your love to your kids in a way they’ll understand and reciprocate

  • How to manage the stress of parenting

  • How to get your kids to do what you need them to do without getting mean

  • How to identify when your ego is negatively affecting your parenting and how to put it in its place

  • How to set goals for your family and implement strategies to achieve them

  • About Behavioural Orientation

  • About Love Languages

  • About Tony’s Robbin’s Core Needs

You will receive:

9 x 1 hour sessions over about 6 months (value $1080)

Comprehensive 60+ page parenting workbook (value $47)

USB with 4 hypnotic meditations (value $68)

Total Cost: $1080 (value $1195)

To learn more and find out if this is the program for you, contact me now to Book your Free, 1 hour, no obligation consultation. 

The 9 sessions will follow this format:

Session One– In our first session we will explore how committed you are to making positive changes and shifting any issues preventing further commitment. We will look at your mind set and explore how you create the reality you experience. We will also look at the 6 Core Needs and how to satisfy them.

Session Two– This session will explore Behavioural Orientation, which identifies your preferred behaviour style from a possibility of four. We will discuss ways in which your preference supports your parenting and ways in which it hinders it and how to overcome these roadblocks.

Session Three– Here we explore Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages of Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation and Physical Affection. You will have the opportunity to identify yours and explore how you can show your kids more love.

Session Four– This week you will learn about Communication in terms of language, listening, modalities and learning styles. We will then look at anchors, which are the triggers we set off in one another through communication.

Session Five– In this session we will set parenting goals for you and design strategies to achieve them.

Session Six– If your children are over 8 years this session gives them the opportunity to be involved and have a say. They will be given a chance to express their needs and wants within the family and make a contribution to the family goals and strategies. If your children are under 8 we will use this session to focus on their needs.

Session Seven– Today we will reconnect and check-in with how your strategy implementation is going. We will assess your core need satisfaction, track your goal attainment and set goals for the future.

Session Eight– This session will occur one month after session seven and follow-up on your progress. It will identify and further issues that have arisen and ways to overcome them.

Session Nine– This will be the final follow-up and will occur one month after session eight.